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About Us

The Erskine’s team are all volunteers and drawn from all walks of life. The team all share a common passion for our history and the 17th century in particular. The middle of this century saw a period of turbulence in Scotland with new ideas and existing structures questioned.

The team has no political opinion, backs no political party and even though we re-enact a sometimes sectarian period of our history, we are of all faiths and none and take no position.

The regiment has been in existence for eleven years and many of the team have been re-enacting for much longer in both the 17th century and other periods.

Erskine’s pride themselves on delivering for the client and entertaining and informing the public at our events.

The regiment deliver six events each year and are active in planning, scripting and working with our clients to ensure successful delivery. Our event activity and behaviour is governed by our event risk assessment and our “code of conduct”.

What we do

The enthusiastic Erskine’s team all share a passion for our chosen period of Scottish history  but many of us focus on different aspects, weapons, religion, technology, surgery, everyday life, the politics and the broad flow of history.

The team can organise and deliver a variety of events either by ourselves our working with other groups.

We look in our events for local links to the site or region and utilise this in our portrayal of the period in our events.

Our camps and displays try and capture as far as possible this difficult period in history and leave the visitor with a flavour and perhaps a grasp of this period of Scottish history.

Our events can range from museum “show and tells” through to battle skirmishes.

Want an Event?

The company’s experienced team can deliver events in a variety of formats and scales and are keen to meet your event needs. The displays can be solely military or a composite military and civilian display.

  • Museum visits
  • School visits
  • Illustrated talks and presentations
  • Marches, displays and parades
  • Full living history and interpretation events
  • Skirmishes
  • Film work

The company specialise in the Bishops Wars, Montrose’s war and Cromwell’s Invasion of Scotland (1630-50’s) but can equally also deliver 1689 events, the first Jacobite rising.

Our Periods in history

1638 - 1653

The historic Erskine’s were raised in 1643 through an act of the Scottish parliament “ane regiment for the preservation of religion in Scotland”. Our normal persona is that of a covenanting regiment fighting both in Scotland and in England during the 1640’s.

We are keen to tell the story of this troubled period of Scottish history and thus in addition to our covenanting persona we are able to portray; Scottish royalists and English new model army invaders across the late 1640’s and into the 1650’s.

The team thus are seen in hodden grey, black and red coats and highland garb when the event calls for it.

1689 - 1690

The regiment became involved in late 17th century evetns through its early support of the  “Soldiers of Killecrankie” event. The regiment have developed a late 17th century persona and the Earl of Mar's "grey breeks".  The 1689 war – the first Jacobite Rising, carries forward some themes from the earlier covenanting period but also shows the movement towards the 18th century with the evolution of the redcoat, the bayonet and the grenade.


Our Current Event Portfolio


23rd  March 2024 - Supporting the  Reivers Gathering in Hawick

4/5th May 2024 - Dunkeld -  Living History Display 

23rd June 2024 - Dumbarton Castle,  Living History Display

13/14th July 2024 - Huntly Castle Interpretation Event

3rd/4th August 2024 - Dunollie Castle Clan Macdougall Gathering - Display

10/11th August 2024 - Fort George - MultiPeriod


Interested in Joining?

The Erskine’s team are a welcoming group, of all ages and spread widely across Scotland. Within the team there are many roles available to suit all capabilities and enthusiasms. Some people are interested in military aspects and play the part of pikemen, musketeers, drummers or gunners and others are more interested in civilian roles; surgeon, apothecary, smith, cook or camp-follower. Make contact and come along to try. The team will help you with kit as you start and ensure you are trained in the use of the weapons you might choose to use.

And as one member says
Name: Adam Drew
Role: Pike Sergeant (Adam is now our CO )

“I have been a member of Erskine's regiment since its founding, and could easily say it’s the best hobby i have gotten into! It’s incredible to be able to take part in the magnificent displays we put on in some of the most gorgeous parts of the country and to be part of the Erskine’s team. It is hard not to be proud when Marching and fighting alongside the regiment.

And of course, the camaraderie is amazing. A massive part of the event is catching up with good friends and having a laugh beside a blazing campfire when each event winds down for the day.

Id recommend joining Erskine’s to anybody, whether you fancy trying your hand on the cannon crew, joining the ranks as a musketeer or pikeman, or showing off civilian life. No matter on previous knowledge of history, ability or background, everyone is welcome. If you are curious or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!“

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Get in Touch

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Soldiers of Killiecrankie     -


In memory of a very dear old friend 


 Just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” to you and the rest of your team for this weekend’s event. We’ve had some great feedback already and despite the inclement weather I think it certainly qualifies as a huge success! I’ve put some photographs up on our Facebook page this morning. I’d be absolutely delighted to welcome you all back to Eilean Donan again, and to make this an annual event!


Thank you for everything you did over the weekend and for providing such a large contingent of people - the encampment and presentations were very impressive. I'm only sorry that the weather spoilt things for us yesterday. Time for a rest before the next one!


Erskine’s did the heavy lift for the event - HES Client at Fort George


End of Season Wash-up with the client, they said “that Erskine’s were their best re-enactment performing group. exemplary, knowledgeable, disciplined, organised, on time, detailed,easy to work with, primed about the site, flexible and delivering exciting shows.


Just a quick note to thank you and your Erskine's Regiment for all you did for us at Duart on Saturday. For the marshalling of the Grand March, for help with general herding of recalcitrant Macleans, and especially for the brilliant displays of warfare, musket firing and the splendid canon. It was all greatly enjoyed by everyone there.

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